Nitter Critter

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Workbook 1 - C Major

Learning Major Scales and Chords with Nitter Critter

The purpose of Nitter Critter workbooks is to present music theory to early beginners in a fun and interactive way.

Workbook 1 - C Major

This volume will concentrate on the Key of C Major. It will cover the scale, primary chords, cadence and arpeggio for the Key of C.

The copy of the front cover of the book is there for the student to color and decorate to his/her own liking making Nitter Critter their own. As you enter the workbook, the words in bold represent Nitter Critter speaking. Teachers will have fun with their students by playing along with the dialog.

Most theory books are boring and dry. Nitter Critter engages the student in a way that will make theory a joy to learn. There are a few typos in the book! If you find them or the student actually points them out, that's great. Tell them no one is perfect and it's o.k. to make a mistake as you learn music theory. The point is to keep at it until you get it right. Work through the book at the student's own rate. Some lessons may take more than one week to absorb.