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Learn Music Theory with Nitter Critter

Why learn music theory?

Music theory is the bread and butter of music, the nuts and bolts of music, the meat and potatoes - well you get my point.

In order to read music well, one must understand the theory behind it. An easy way to describe theory is "It's how music works." Music is built on scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I have always been amazed at how theory opens one's eyes to the patterns, mathematical logic and variety in music. I believe studying music and the theory behind it builds character that carries over into our lives and work ethics.

In order to understand music theory and its complexity it is beneficial to start at a young age. Frustration and burnout are reduced by allowing the beginning concepts to be absorbed in small doses before introducing the more advanced ones.

Nitter Critter, the character, is the creation of a child. Nitter Critter Productions is an attempt to introduce what could be viewed as an intimidating subject in a delightful way. Frequently I notice beginning students play a chord when asked to play a scale, or continually struggle to remember how to finger a scale or cadence, or have difficulty describing in their own words what these terms represent. As a result, I started this venture.

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Top 3 Reasons Your Child Will Benefit From Learning Music Theory with Nitter Critter

Nitter Critter presents music theory to early beginners in a fun and interactive way. Nitter Critter will be learning alongside the students.

  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Music theory made simple

Music Theory Made Fun with Nitter Critter Workbooks

Nitter Critter workbooks may not be like any other music theory books you have seen. We believe that the simple and child centered outlook make it more personal and engaging.

The first workbook covers the Key of C Major. Nitter Critter will be taking off in the 2nd workbook in the Key of G Major. He will then blast off in the Key of F Major and sail to the Key of A Minor. The adventure will continue with E Minor and D Minor.