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How it all began...

Nitter Critter, the character, is the creation of a child. Nitter Critter Productions is an attempt to introduce what could be viewed as an intimidating subject in a delightful way. Frequently I notice beginning students play a chord when asked to play a scale, or continually struggle to remember how to finger a scale or cadence, or have difficulty describing in their own words what these terms represent. As a result, I started this venture.

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Top 3 Reasons Your Child Will Benefit From Learning Music Theory with Nitter Critter

Nitter Critter presents music theory to early beginners in a fun and interactive way. Nitter Critter will be learning alongside the students.

  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Music theory made simple

About the Author

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Ruth Dunbar has over 20 years piano teaching experience. She has been a member of the...

  • Baldwin County Music Teachers Association
  • Mobile Music Teachers Association

and is currently a member of the...

  • National Piano Playing Guild (American College of Musicians)
  • American Music Teachers Association
  • Mobile Music Teachers Forum
  • Music Teachers National Association
  • Alabama Music Teachers Association

She has taught at Bayside Academy in Daphne, Alabama and Emerald Mountain Christian School in Wetumpka, Alabama.

My son is 11 is and thinks Nitter Critter is awesome. He enjoys the humorous touch that is added to what can be a dry, boring subject. My seven year old daughter loves reading Nitter Critter's lines as she and Mrs. Dunbar go though the lessons. He really captures a child's outlook and thoughts and brings the lessons to life.

Mrs. Bailey - Alabama

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