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Music Theory Made Easy by Nitter Critter Productions

Why learn music theory?

Music theory is the bread and butter of music, the nuts and bolts of music, the meat and potatoes - well you get my point. Learn more

Music theory made fun!

Nitter Critter workbooks may not be like any other music theory books you have seen. We believe that the simple and child centered outlook make it more personal and engaging. With Nitter Critter every page is an adventure. Learn more

Review from Piano Guild Notes, July 1, 2015

Learning Major Scales and Chords with Nitter Critter: Theory for the Early Beginner by Ruth Dunbar. Guild teacher Ruth Dunbar of Wetumpka, Alabama, has put together a unique approach to teaching theory to the very young piano student. The character, “Nitter Critter,” was created by a child and asks questions throughout the book such as “What is a scale anyway?” and the teacher answers clearly. Ms. Dunbar encourages the students to “be” Nitter Critter throughout the book as Nitter Critter asks questions—“How can I play a scale of 8 notes with only 5 fingers?” The teacher then helps Nitter Critter (the student) to understand the concept. This unique approach has worked well with young children and they enjoy learning theory and working in the workbooks to write scales and chords and to color the cartoon characters. Workbook I covers the key of C and presents scales, the primary chord and cadence, and the C arpeggio. Ms. Dunbar is in the process of preparing workbooks for the keys of G and F. Check out the website at: Students may also order tote bags and water bottles with Nitter Critter saying: “You Caught Me Practicing!” This is a delightful and unique approach to teaching theory. - Dr.Vicki King, reviewer